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Venom & Carnage Appreciation Union

In Venom we trust!

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Welcome to the 'Venom & Carnage Appreciation Union', a community dedicated to symbiotes in general, though mostly focused on Venom because he is far more extraordinarily interesting than any other-- obviously!

I made this community due to the lack of love showed towards poor Venom. There is hardly any fanfiction, fanart or much less discussions regarding his emotional side. Even in fics of so-called Venom fans he is portrait plainly as a monster who does not justify his actions even to himself. Therefore, there is a serious lack of anything-Venom. This is what this community is for, to prove there's people out there we actually see more to Venom than meets the average reader's eyes and that we believe Carnage may not be just a blood lusty assassin, much like his father.

Even if you are not such a Venom fan yet, JOIN! I'm sure we can convert you sooner or later. ;)


Octa the Moderator.


1. No unnecessary arguing! Discussing is fine, attacking others is NOT.
2. Fanfiction, Fanart and longer texts must be put behind a LJ-cut.
3. All Fanfiction and Fanart must have a rating. This community accepts anything from G to NC-17 as long as it is clearly specified.
4. Images with more than 100x100 of size must be behind a cut as well; icon sampling is limited to 5 "un-LJ-cut" icons per post.
5. Type like you have a brain; No ShTuFF LyKe Dis!1!11!!


This community is open to ALL ratings of material, including NC-17 and slash. If you are offended by this kind of material, simply refrain from viewing those posts.

Any suggestions, questions or complaints can be directed to the mod, octa.