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Mac Gargan: Venom/Spidey... [Oct. 16th, 2009|12:55 pm]
Venom & Carnage Appreciation Union


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...but first a brief apology.

11:21 PM 10/15/09 · Thursday I posted a blurb on the travesty that is 'Brand New Day' and how many more than should know that Peter Parker & Spidey are the same people. Specifically, Mary Jane & the Black Cat. Interestingly enough, on my way home, I picked up the most recent issue of The Amazing Spider·Man, #607, and discovered that Felicia actually doesn't know he's Parker.

Timing really is everything.

Onto my next curiosity. At the same time I picked up that I also picked up #4 of Sinister Spider·Man, last issue of the mini·series. Most interesting was the fact that Bullseye took Venom out by throwing a poodle into his eye, where it remained stuck (hanging on by its teeth) for most of the rest of the issue, but I got to wondering something...

...and I don't mean where the beauty contestants went. I got that. Along with squirrels, unlike when Eddie Brock had the symbiote still, this new Venom doesn't just eat people's brains. Hence why numerous of his enemies (if you missed Sinister Spider·Man then rush out to get it cuz it's hilarious) are missing limbs...he also gets tons of action from lots of women and then devours them after the fact.

Anyway, what I was wondering is how strong is the current Venom?

I don't have a current Marvel Universe handy and the history is a bit wonky when you think about it. The symbiote originally took the enhanced strength Spidey had when it joined with Eddie Brock. Spidey was a class 10 at the time and that strength was added to Brock's steroid enhanced strength which is how he could lift/press 11 tons. However the symbiote is part of Mac Gargan now, who was formerly the Scorpion. Ol' Scorpy used to be able to list/press 15 tons...

...which leads to other questions.

Before 'Brand New Day' Spidey had gotten a strength boost along with organic webbing and was in the 20 class range. So, after his whole history got rebooted by Mephisto I can't help but wonder what strength class he's in now?

Eddie Brock generated a symbiote like ability from the old symbiote cells leftover from when he was Venom and now he's Anti·Venom, unoriginal name and costume but still more interesting than he used to be. How strong is Anti·Venom? Is he doing 11 tons again or what?

Okay, I'm done.